Renting through Redwoods
Renting through Redwoods
Clear terms and fees structure, No hidden fees or clauses, Simple route to rental

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Information for Tenants

Renting a property can be stressful and expensive, and often fees are unclear, or simply extortionate. At Redwoods with our flexible and friendly team, we aim to this a much more enjoyable experience, fitting around tenants needs and circumstances & evolving our services to suit

We aim to take bring clarity to the whole process, from your initial viewing of a rental property and application, to the terms of the tenancy agreement and overall provisions of maintenance and fees. We believe if you are aware of all the obligations and fees, that this will make for a better overall relationship from the start. To this ends, we have considered our processes and developed what we believe to be a simplified route to rent, where any confusion or mistrust is tackled from the start.

Fees & Application Process

There is only a one off administration fee applicable and this is just to the successful Applicant(s), we don’t charge lots of individuals to apply for a property, there are no extra costs should tenants require guarantors and no renewal fees when renewing your Tenancy Agreements.

  • Find a property you like through our rentals search
  • Contact us to arrange a viewing of the property
  • Our rental team will then be in touch with an information pack

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Read more about our fees.